It’s never too early to begin talking about Father’s Day.  The big day for dads is three weeks away and as such we at All Import Auto Parts have some rather practical gift suggestions.

Is your father or husband a fixer-upper?  Is he one of those who would rather do the work himself than find someone to pay to do the job?  Is he tired of receiving ties and sweaters for Father’s Day?  How about giving him some gifts he can really us and that he really wants?

Head on down to our Fort Worth salvage yard and bring dad with you.  Tell him his gift this year is a shopping spree for those replacement auto parts he has been wanting.  Maybe he has been talking about getting some new wheels for the car?  Maybe he wants a new transmissions or a replacement car stereo?  That would make a great Father’s Day gift, an upgrade on his car stereo system.  Why go to Car Toys and pay $500 for a new system when you can save up to 50% on a car stereo system at All Import Auto Parts?

Replacement tires?  We’ve got them!  Replacement engines or windshields?  We’ve got them!  Maybe dad just bought an old junker and that’s his hobby.  How about getting him a replacement engine so his hobby will start up and actually run?

Remember, Father’s Day means that summer has begun and that means roadtrips for the family and vacation trips.  A car maintenance needs to be done before the family heads out on a trip and Father’s Day is the perfect time to get those recycled auto parts so the car is ready for the road.

And while we are on the subject of recycled parts, remember that buying recycled auto parts is oh so good for the environment.  Every time you buy a recycled auto part you are preventing a certain amount of mining for metals that make new aftermarket parts.  That is a huge help in saving this planet.

Listen, maybe there are dads out there who want a new tie or sweater, but in Texas those dads are few and far between.  Most Texas men want something practical and there is nothing more practical than a trip to the local salvage yard for replacement auto parts, and there is no better salvage yard to go to than All Import Auto Parts, your Fort Worth expert in all thing related to quality auto parts.