auto wrecking yards in Fort Worth

If you still think that auto salvage equates to an auto junkyard and nothing more, this article will open your eyes. We are All Import Auto Parts, leading the way in the Fort Worth area with top quality and affordable used auto parts and used truck parts. Call us for all of your DIY car repair needs.

And yes, we are an auto salvage yard.

Auto salvage is money saved.

The average savings, to customers, in salvage yards across the United States is 40% on used car parts and used truck parts. Consider all of the car parts you purchase during the lifetime of your car and you come to realize just how large a savings that is.  In addition, since you will be doing most of the car repair yourself, you are saving in the neighborhood of $100 per hour in mechanic labor.

What could you do with a few extra thousand dollars? Can you think of anything you could do with that money?

What’s that you say? You don’t know a thing about car repair?  Millions of Americans once believed that, but the Age of YouTube has changed all that.  Replace a fuel pump? Replace brake pads? Replace the filters on your vehicle? No problem after watching a ten-minute YouTube video, and we are serious when we say that. Changing brake pads is as easy as gathering the tools and watching a video, so why would you pay someone $100 to do that for you?

Auto salvage is environmentally friendly.

The used auto parts which are not sold to the public are then smashed down, grinded and melted down, and recycled, used for new auto parts.  Imagine what this means for the environment. It means less mining. It means using less energy in the extraction of those metals from the Earth. There is no doubt whatsoever that auto salvage is not only good for the environment, but the ecologically responsible thing to do.

Salvage yards like All Import guarantee their products.

And let’s lay to rest the idea that used auto parts are unreliable. Places like All Import Auto Parts give warrantees on all parts sold.  Our warranty is an industry-leading 90-days; in addition, all parts sold at All Import Auto Parts are tested to make sure they are in good working order. Considering that most auto parts are manufactured to perform properly for over 100,000 miles, this really is a no-risk situation we are talking about.

Save money . . . help the environment . . . shop with confidence . . . the only question remaining is why aren’t you getting in your car right now and heading for a local salvage yard?

A final word about All Import Auto Parts.

All Import Auto Parts is family owned and operated, and we’ve been serving the fine people of Fort Worth for over thirty years.  That kind of longevity in business is, we believe, a testament to our customer service and high-quality product. Call us and we will find the part you need to get back on the road again.