auto recycling facts

Today let’s spend some time giving an overview of auto recycling, followed by a quick question and answer period where we provide answers to some of the most common questions.  We are All Import Auto Parts, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  Call us if you have a car you want to sell, and for quality used auto parts and used truck parts.  We have what you need at a price you can afford.

Types of auto recycling companies

There are basically two types of auto recycling businesses. The first could best be described, historically, as wrecking yards.  This type of auto recycling purchases vehicles from private citizens and other sources, removes certain recyclable parts, then crushes the vehicle and uses the remaining metal to make new auto parts.

The second type of auto recycling company, known as salvage yards, uses the wrecked/discarded vehicles for their parts primarily. They are essentially a used auto parts company.  Citizens call, ask for a particular part, like the fuel pump for a 2012 Chevy, and the salvage yard pulls that part for the buyer.  If the particular part is not at that particular salvage yard, the yard owner will then search on the internet for that part from among the thousands of salvage yards in the U.S. Once found, that part is then shipped to the buyer.  When all parts are sold off of the vehicle, the remaining metal is recycled, to be used to make new car parts.

How much do they pay for a wrecked vehicle?

There is no standard price paid for a wrecked car.  There are auto recycling companies which pay as little as $50 for a vehicle. There are those which pay as much as $300 for the vehicle.  Our suggestion: call around and find the best price in your area.

How much savings is there when buying used car parts?

Buying salvage auto parts can save you, industry average, about 40% on each part, which can total considerable savings for the DIY crown who does their own car maintenance.  Please note we gave you the industry standard. You may find lower savings, or higher savings, in your city.

How does auto recycling help the environment?

Once all parts have been removed from the car or truck, the remaining metal is crushed and shipped to an actual recycling plant. There, the remaining metal is treated and, through a number of steps, broken down to usable metal which is then used in making new auto parts. This, of course, means less mining for metal used in auto parts, and it means less energy used in the creation of those new parts.

It is estimated that approximately 60% of the metal used for new cars is actually recycled metal, so the savings for the environment are huge.

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