Salvage auto parts, those sold in salvage yards across America, have been a viable product in this country since the early 20th century and yet there is still confusion about them.  Hopefully, this article will alleviate some of that confusion and show you the financial advantages of using salvage auto parts.

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The cost of salvage auto parts.

On average, salvage auto parts are sold at a 40% discount. That is a national average and obviously may differ from salvage yard to salvage yard, but it is close enough for this discussion.  Put another way, if a rebuilt transmission costs $6000, you can expect to pay approximately $3600 for a salvaged transmission.  Please note, we are only talking about the cost of the auto parts and not the labor to install those parts, which we will talk about later in this article.

The savings of salvage auto parts in one year.

The average cost of car maintenance, per year, per driver, is approximately $1200. That figure includes oil changes, tire rotations, replacement car parts, and the labor to do it all.  Let’s, for the sake of this discussion, say that half of that is the cost of parts and half is the cost of labor.  Using that as a base, purchasing used auto parts will save you 40% of $600 per year, or a savings of $240 per year in parts.

However, there is more.  If you install those parts yourself, you are not only saving $240 per year on parts, but also $600 on labor, for a total of $840 in savings, per year.

The savings over the years for the average car owner.

This is a tough question to answer because there are no statistics concerning the number of years the average U.S. resident owns a vehicle.  Let’s say, for the sake of this discussion, the average driver owns a car or truck for thirty years. Purchasing used auto parts for thirty years will mean a savings of $7200, and if you added the savings on labor you would be saving $25,200 during your lifetime.

Who out there would not like to save $25,200?  What could you do with that kind of savings?

For sure, many reading this do not know how to do car repairs, but you might be amazed how easy it is to do regular maintenance on your vehicle simply by watching some YouTube videos.

Certainly something to think about.

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