We need to have a discussion that could save you thousands of dollars.  Pull out your most comfortable chair, sit down and get comfy and give a listen to some words of wisdom from your favorite Fort Worth salvage yard.

Today we want to talk about used body parts for your vehicle.  We know, it’s not a real sexy subject but the following 400 words just might save you some serious cash in the next few months so give a listen.

Have you ever parked your car in a store parking lot only to come back out after shopping and discover that someone dented your door with their car door?  Have you ever had the kids in the neighborhood dent your hood while playing baseball?  Have you ever had your trunk caved in by backing into a light standard that you never did see?  How about a stray dog that paws your side panel and leaves it with scratches? 

Have you ever had someone fail to stop behind you at a red light and put a two foot dent in your bumper?  Have you ever had your car skid on a slick road and hit a power pole, sheering off some chrome or ripping off your grill? 

If any of those things have happened to you, and we are guessing a good 75% of you have experienced one of those events, then you know how expensive body parts can be.  Side panels, hoods, trunk lids, grills, they can all cost hundreds of dollars for a regular car and thousands of dollars for high-end luxury and that’s just for the body part.  Add to that cost the labor and you could be looking at a thousand bucks for the replacement parts and labor and that, my friends, is a chunk of change.

Now for the alternative!  If you were to buy a used body part at a local junk yard (we like to call them salvage yard) you would be saving up to 50% on the used part and at least $50 per hour on labor.  What? Someone is asking if it’s possible to find the right used body part in the exact color?  Quite frankly it is as easy as using the parts search link on our website or it’s as easy as calling us on the phone and asking us to do a search.  The whole search will take about five minutes and in fifteen we can have the used part ordered and scheduled for shipping.

It is just that easy when you are shopping for replacement auto parts at a recycled auto parts center like All Import Auto Parts.