What is a spoiler?  Most drivers have heard of them; without a doubt all drivers have seen them; but do most drivers know what they are?

A spoiler is an item on your car that reduces air drag and increases fuel efficiency.  It all has to do with air resistance.  When air pushes against your vehicle as it is moving, that naturally creates a drag and means less gas mileage for your vehicle.  The idea of a spoiler is to help the air flow over the vehicle or under it, and thus lessen the drag.

Passenger vehicles can have both a front and a rear spoiler.  The front spoiler is often underneath the bumper, but some cars have them on the hood as well.  Rear spoilers are usually placed on the trunk of the car, so that when air flows over the top of the car it then meets a smoother surface provided by the spoiler.

If you ever look at semi-trucks, you will see the spoiler up above the cab of the truck, that curved piece of metal that helps with air flow over the top and along the cargo hull of the truck.  Spoilers are made of several different types of materials including:

  • ABS plastic, an inexpensive material that is also fragile
  • Fiberglass, used on most cars because it is inexpensive.
  • Silicon, currently the hot material, because it lasts longer
  • Carbon fiber, a very expensive material but long lasting

The general consensus of most drivers is that spoilers are only used on race cars, but the truth is that all vehicles have spoilers of one sort or another, and as more and more people are concerned with fuel economy, we will see more and more types of aerodynamic spoilers.  One thing is certain:  with the Bernoulli effect of physics, we know there will always be drag as air meets surface.  Thus, new ways to counteract the Bernoulli effect need to be found, and that’s the job of a spoiler.

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