With summer upon us perhaps this is the perfect time to talk about your car’s cooling system.  First maybe we should list the major players that keep your car running like a cool top.

  1. 1.Radiator
  2. 2.Coolant
  3. 3.Water pump
  4. 4.Radiator fan
  5. 5.Coolant system hoses

So how does it all work?  Well, radiator fluid (coolant) is driven under pressure through your engine to keep it cool while driving.  The water pump pressurizes the coolant and propels it through a system of hoses, from the radiator to the engine.  Because the engine is super hot the coolant heats up as well, but the water pump moves it along at such a fast speed that it does not get too hot and eventually ends up back at the radiator.

The radiator fan also provides a way to cool the coolant in the radiator and of course air coming in through the grille provides more cooling.  Otherwise you wouldn’t get two miles without steam rising from under your hood.

The radiator and cooling system are things that most people take for granted but with the hot summer months approaching this is one of those maintenance jobs that everyone should do on a regular basis.  To check your cooling system do the following:

  1. 1.Check under your car for leaks of the coolant.
  2. 2.Periodically check your hoses to make sure they are not getting too spongey or hard and make sure the connections at the end of the hoses are secure.
  3. 3.Periodically check the coolant level in your radiator and make sure it is at the right level.

Three very simple maintenance check-ups that anyone can do and by doing them you will save yourself a great deal of grief under a hot summer sun.

So, where is the best place to pick up a replacement radiator or coolant hoses?  Maybe you need a new radiator fan or water pump?  Look no further than your friendly Fort Worth salvage yard for the solution.  You spend pennies on the dollar at a salvage yard and for used parts like a radiator it is silly to buy new and the replacement job is so easy.  Just a few bolts and clamps and you can take apart the cooling system and feel like a real maintenance pro.

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