Like most everybody else in today’s world, you’ve driven your car to the gas pump been shocked by the high cost of gasoline. As the dial clicked past $20, $30, $40 or even $50, you may have thought about trading in your car for something that gets better mileage. You may also be concerned that your car is adding to the greenhouse effect.

The auto industry has the technology to address these questions and one of the answers is the hybrid car. There are quite a few hybrid cars on the market these days and many auto producers have made plans to manufacture their own models.

With a Japanese Domestic Market engine, a local automobile and some used auto parts, do-it-yourself mechanics can build hybrid engines. Overhauling and making a hybrid motor more effective can only go so far, but making a hybrid with recycled auto parts actually has the largest potential. With low-mileage import engines, the project gets even more stimulating because you can get really creative with all the possible setups. Consider having the power of a Honda Accord in a Honda Civic by just changing the overall motor mount and setups. Or, better yet, think about the same project and adding a turbo charger. Envision the speed that car could pull off! With the infinite possibilities you have with a used hybrid engine using salvage car parts or junkyard parts, it’s imperative to consider each replacement hybrid engine that fits your car.

 A major people interested in hybrid cars have is the cost and availability of parts for car. Although they generally come with extensive warranties, hybrid cars have more complicated power trains which mean more chances for failure and fewer repairs your typical mechanic can manage and fewer parts you can find your local auto parts store.

An online retailer like All Import Auto Parts is an excellent source for parts for hybrid cars. Considering online merchants have no time or distance restrictions, you can search as many as you want and compare prices to get the best possible deal.