New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are expensive and at time difficult to find. Many people do not understand the value of searching for used auto parts. Let’s take a car distributor for example. Many new OEM dealers are charging hundreds of dollars for car distributors depending on the type (ignition, electronic or engine distributors), make, and model of your vehicle. Many car distributors are no longer on the market, so purchasing them is a challenge. Used car distributors of all styles and makes are available at junkyards; you just have to know where to look.

Junkyards, both local and found on the internet are fantastic avenues to purchase used car distributors (including ignition, electronic or engine distributors), for older model vehicles and even newer models. Searching for used car distributors is as simple as skimming your local yellow pages or hitting the internet.

Junkyards offer a variety of opportunities for used car distributors, ignition, electronic or engine distributors and multiple ways to pay for the product. Don’t discount used auto parts because they are used or somehow not as valuable because they are aftermarket. Car parts are car parts and a used car distributor will work as well as a new one. The trick is longevity.

Used car distributors, ignition, electronic or engine distributors as well as new OEM parts are built to last. Odds are if you are in the market for such an item, yours was defective from the manufacturer. If out of warranty, then the replacement costs are up to you. Locating a used car distributors at a junkyard may be your only option.

Take the time to speak with the sales associate; owner or whomever may be at the front desk. Many junkyards offer limited warranties on the parts they sell. This will give you added piece of mind. Additionally, the aftermarket sale price from a junkyard is normally ten to twenty percent of the OEM cost. It is something to consider and definitely worth your time to look into purchasing a used car distributors, ignition, electronic or engine distributors from a junkyard. With money being as it is in the current economy, every dollar you can save is worthwhile.