Audi has definitely recaptured an elusive, powerful sports car with the ability to control and reveal itself to the world for the fourth consecutive generation with its A4.  Initially manufactured in the mid-1990s, the Audi A4 has developed from a well-built, rather innocent-looking German automobile to a qualified lavish driving machine. The A4 has constantly preserved its intense sporting prospective through each production.

If Audi wrote a mission statement for prospective A4 owners, it would be something like this: “an automobile built to compete with the Mercedes-Benz C Class and BMW 3 series on every level.” The Audi A4 actually does efficiently compete with these lofty models. Audi has set quite an elevated goal for its A4, as so many members of the automotive media believe the Mercedes and BMW line of 3 series cars are some of the world’s finest assembled. The A4 has crashed their party.

Audi, which has been led out of its coma by the awesome A4, is now considered one of the most respected auto manufacturers in the world. The A4 deserves its recognition as a life-saver, as what did for Audi is not an insignificant accomplishment. There are plenty of different versions of the earliest A4 series cars on the road, at the racetrack and in proud owners’ driveways across the country.

Audi doesn’t have to change the A4 in any way for it to remain at the head of its class. It’s actually larger, faster and more fuel-proficient than any other car in its class. Audi just took what was magnificent and made it even better. The list of improvements is virtually endless, as are the accolades.

The Audi A4 craves powering through rain, hail, snow, tremendously blustery winds, dusk and fog, and it achieves it with the driver completely protected. Even in extreme, hard, driving conditions, the A4 responds with consistent athletic performance.