One hundred and three years.  That’s how long Audi has been making automobiles, and they are still going strong.  The German automaker actually started business in 1899, but it was not until 1910 that their first production car was made.  They sold twenty.

Today Audi has production facilities in twenty countries around the world, and Audi has become a name that stands for quality and fine craftsmanship.

The same can be said for Audi parts.  Make no mistake about it, German engineering is a label that means a great deal in the automotive world.  German engineering means that your car part has been made to the highest standards; whether we are talking about a transmission or a fuel pump, an engine or brake pads, German engineering and Audi will provide top quality time and time again.

So it is with confidence that you can shop for Audi used parts.  It only stands to reason that something made to the highest standards will then have a longer life.  Audi used parts are known as long-lasting and infinitely reliable, as are their OEM, or original parts.

And where do you find these highly-qualified used parts?

Your local salvage yard; that’s where!

Junk yards, or salvage yards, like All Import Auto Parts can be counted on to have the part you need no matter what make and model you are searching for.  How is that possible you ask? How could they possibly have the billions of used parts necessary to please any shopper?  Well, folks, it’s called a computer network.  If All Import Auto Parts does not have what you need they simply tap into the inventories of other salvage yards across the country; they then find what you need, say a door for a ’89 Audi, and they have it shipped to you.  In other words, car parts shopping made easy.

And you can shop with confidence for your Audi used parts because salvage yards like All Import Auto Parts give a warranty on all of their parts, with extended warranties available for a nominal fee.

Audi used parts and All Import Auto Parts; now that is a winning combination that has been working for decades.  The next time you need a used windshield or replacement stereo, remember to shop with confidence at your local salvage yard.  You save big bucks; you get personable service; and you shop with confidence.  How can you lose with a deal like that?