Soon after Bavarian Motor Works redesigned its 3-Series automobiles with larger proportions and a rounder, smoother shape for the 1992 model year, the BMW 318i emerged. The combination of sleek styling and racy performance inspired auto enthusiasts to label the car “The Ultimate Driving Machine.” 

A two-liter, four-cylinder Valvetronic engine powers the 318i much like a six-cylinder or V8 power plant pushes other high-performance cars down the highway, generating 143 horsepower and 200 foot-pounds of torque. Its aluminum lightweight construction is incredibly efficient, delivering awesome acceleration while the air vent control and direct fuel injection keep fuel-burning levels surprisingly minimal. 

While the performance ratings of the 318i boggle the mind, BMW packs it with soothing features. With so many conveniences and creature comforts like creamy soft leather, supportive seats tinted windows and a clear analog gauge cluster, the interior reeks of luxury and affluence. 

The 318i is BMW’s top seller in the United States because it’s a soundly constructed, brilliant compact car that features abundant power with a relaxed ride, finely tuned braking and suspension systems and a world-class fit and finish that is unrivaled by most automobiles at any price. 

The BMW 318i is the standard-bearer of the compact luxury-sport class. Its mixture of equalized and flawlessly sorted vehicle dynamics, effortless and abundant power and a wide range of configurations make it a favorite among auto enthusiasts. Overall, the BMW 318i presents numerous amenities and a stylish design. Its features improve every few years while remaining high-end. 

While the 318i continues to be the unmistakable “ultimate driving machine,” it must be maintained with quality BMW parts. Purchasing cheap auto parts for an excellent automobile like a BMW 318i is – for lack of a better term – a mistake. They won’t allow your world-class car to perform the way it was intended and they will be break down quickly. Salvage auto parts and car accessories from a trusted foreign auto parts dealer like All-Import Auto Parts is the best choice for keeping your 318i looking great and flying down the highway.