The BMW 528i was developed to satisfy the public’s need for a midsized luxury vehicle which was affordable for the middle class buyer. The price tag may be small, but the amenities, drive and power are not. From a silky exterior to an inviting interior, the BMW 528i is everything the luxury shopper could want in a vehicle.

BMW 528i Exterior

Owners want to know that there car is going to look good when someone first looks at it. The BMW 528i offers this assurance as exterior styling provides a memorable machine from first glance. The BMW 528i is well known and also desired, so antitheft features such as programmable power door locks, a theft tracking device, alarm and engine immobilization are standard features. A car has to shine and BMW has provided a multitude of colorful looks as well as stylish alloy wheels. A BMW 528i will hug the road with its SBRP225/50VR17 all season tires and stop quickly due to features such as 4-wheel antilock brakes, brake assist and traction control. Power and superior response are guaranteed by a 230 horsepower inline six cylinder 3 liter engine that promises smooth starts and instant acceleration. The exterior of the BMW 528i shows force while the interior promotes peace.

BMW 528i Interior

When a car looks good on the outside, it is a joy to own, but the interior is what makes the BMW 528i a luxury vehicle. First the driver sits in a seat that exudes comfort, allows 10-way adjustment and  positions them perfectly every time. The steering wheel adjusts to the individual driver and all of the instrumentation and controls are easily viewable while easily within reach. The front console includes a 10 speaker AM/FM radio with CD/MP3 capabilities and a hard drive with 12 GB total memory. The BMW 528i offers 48 months of free roadside assistance, stolen vehicle tracking and automatic collision notification through the trademarked BMW Assist system. With climate control it is a simple process to ensure idyllic conditions despite inclement weather in the summer or winter, and with steering wheel mounted audio controls one never has to take their eyes off the road. Rear passengers have separate heating and cooling controls, theater-style seating, and individual reading lights. Styling permits expansive, clear views of the passing countryside, and the BMW 528i can be equipped with a moon roof or as a convertible.

No notion of luxurious travel has been overlooked in the BMW 528i because BMW values its customers and their continued loyalty to a prestigious brand.