Chances are excellent that this writer will never drive or ride in a Jaguar. Oh, I suppose it could happen just like I could win the Lotto, but still, I’m not holding my breath for it to happen. Why am I so sure of this? Simply because Jaguars are luxury cars that are driven by people with a ton of money and I don’t know any of those people. However, that doesn’t keep me from admiring them from afar.

Jaguar Cars Ltd is headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England and was originally founded in 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company. They originally made sidecars for motorcycles before turning to car-making and once they did history was made because you see, Jaguar makes classic cars in virtually every way possible.

We have written quite a bit about the Jaguars, from the full-size luxury saloon, the XJ, to the XF mid-size executive car to the XK, the luxury grand tourer, and we have written about the past with the S-Type and the X-Type. All were excellent cars made for comfort and refined riding, like floating on the wind as one reviewer once wrote.

Since we have written about all of those things we thought we would turn our attention to Jag parts, or Jaguar parts if you want to be reverential. Really there is only one thing we will mention about the parts and that is that they are expensive. How expensive?

Let me put it this way: do you remember the old line that if you have to ask how much something costs then it is too expensive for you? That is what I think of when I consider the Jaguar line-up and their replacement parts. It is a safe statement that an automobile that costs $75,000 will have expensive aftermarket parts and thus all of my friends will never own one.

However, I readily admit that there are those of you out there who can afford one and do own one and for you, replacement Jag parts like a engine or a fuel pump or for that matter a windshield just aren’t that big a deal.

But what about those who own a used one and are looking to save money on Jag parts? Your best bet by far is to go to a salvage yard that specializes in foreign cars, and the best Fort Worth salvage yard by far for Jaguar parts is All Import Auto Parts. Why pay for new parts when you can buy used auto parts for much less?