The little British company that seemed to forever cling to tradition has just tossed tradition out on its tail with the 2012 XJ. After a disappointing 2011 with sales tanking, the brains at Jaguar Motors decided it just might be time to toss out the formula that once worked but then just felt stodgy, and the all-new XJ is the remarkable product of that decision.

Do you like the BMW 760i? How about the Mercedes S63 AMG? Forget about them! The Jaguar 2012 matches and surpasses those two luxury sedans and does it for about $20,000 less, and if that doesn’t spur on sales we don’t know what will.

This is truly a remarkable car in just about every way possible. With 5.0-liter V8s running the show, the base XJ is capable of 385 horsepower; the XJ Supercharged 470 horsepower; and the Supersport XJ will curl your toes with 510 horsepower. Consider that for the new XJ they used aluminum body panels and underlying chassis, making it about 4,000 pounds, and you have a very satisfying response in handling and acceleration.

As enticing as that is, to really discuss the new XJ you have to talk about the interior. Does anyone make a quieter interior than Jaguar? Does anyone mold a passenger in the seat like Jaguar? Does anyone make a driver feel like royalty like Jaguar? The answer to all three of those questions is an emphatic NO and until some other car manufacturer figures out how to match Jag in those facets then the XJ is going to be the standard which all other companies aim at. This car is that good.

There is no doubt that competition is stiff in the luxury sedan market what with the 7-Series and S-Class vehicles, not to mention Porsche and Audi and the ever-present Lexus and Infiniti, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but for our money they all pale in comparison to this brand new Jaguar XJ and Jaguar XJL.

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