Daimler announced that record sales were recorded worldwide for Mercedes-Benz and Smart, up eight percent in October over October, 2013.  A total of 146,112 units were sold in October, 2014, and the sales record was led by a very strong showing in China.

Mercedes marketing and sales boss Ola Kaellenius said that the new C-class wagon and the S-class coupe have proved to be very popular worldwide.

Breaking the numbers down, Mercedes showed a 12 percent increase in sales for October while the Smart brand dropped 40 percent.  Kaellenius stated that the drop in Smart sales was due to customers waiting for the new generation of the ForTwo.

Sales were up 33 percent in China and ten percent in Europe, offsetting a five percent drop in the United States.  This seems to be in line with other luxury brands in the United States, as Infiniti also showed a drop during October in the U.S.

The Mercedes S-class sedan showed a 60 percent increase in October, and they announced that Mercedes sales are up eleven percent for the year so far, with 1.41 million units sold to date, a record for the first ten months.  It would appear that Mercedes is well-situated as 2015 approaches, except, possibly, the United States, were sales are stagnant in luxury vehicles.  With a shaky economy, more and more Americans are turning to fuel economy and smaller cars that offer that quality.

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