Very few sedans, big or small, have successfully combined the aspect of luxury and sport like the Mercedes C220. This sedan has done an amazing job as it combines first class safety features, amazing handling, great acceleration, and sporty qualities that allow this vehicle to be more than just a luxury car. This little cars powerful engine combined with respectable fuel economy makes it one of the prime cars in its brands family and people continue to be amazed with the improvements they make on it each year. Over the years the Mercedes C220 has gone through some changes to meet driver’s needs, but it has maintained the same ideas as its first models did over a decade ago.

One thing about the C220 that has people attracted to it, is that this sedan is very durable. When people usually try to buy a new car, they actually look at used ones to save some money. Well because of the state of the economy, people are looking at even older cars that need a little work, but will still be reliable. That is where this model has been so helpful because it is very reliable and easy to maintain. As parts break or wear down, people are able to simply find replacement Mercedes used parts at a junk yard. By using salvage parts rather than new ones they are able to save a lot of money. Used car parts are much less expensive than new ones, and can even be cheaper to have installed because the mechanic does not need to find them for you. Mercedes used parts are nearly as durable as a new part, and the price difference makes it very economical to go with used auto parts. If a salvage part lasts three years and costs a fraction of the price a new part costs, and that new part will only last four years, doesn’t it make sense to just go with the older part? Of course it does and that is why many people have turned to buying older model cars that need a little work. They save thousands of dollars on the purchase of the vehicle, and can save even more money by finding Mercedes used parts to replace broken pieces on their Mercedes C220.