The Mercedes s350 is one of a range of models constructed by Mercedes-Benz motorcars for the luxury sedan market. The S-class is built on the famousW221 chassis which was introduced in 2005 and has been the superior platform of the s350 and all other s-class models since that time.

The various cars within the “s” design scheme are classified by a numeral designation depending on the power source they employ. The Mercedes s350 has a 272 hp V6 engine that allows it to provide the charge necessary for exciting acceleration and passing ability.

The Mercedes-Benz s-class has been a premiere luxury car not because of the engine type that it provides, but because it is built with an attention to detail that no other manufacturer can boast. Within the seats of the Mercedes s350 are fans that circulate air through vent holes. This allows there to be better air circulation within the car and provides the driver with better climate control capabilities. Mercedes has also equipped the s350 with a radar sensing system, completely new with the 2006 model Mercedes s350, that will actually allow the cruise control to bring the car to a complete stop if a collision is imminent. Safety features for the Mercedes s350 make it a best buy candidate, but the luxurious appointments are what drive the market for this car.

The new chassis design for the Mercedes s350 was so radical that new and used parts for the cars cannot be interchanged with older models. That is why Mercedes recommends that owners of new and pre-owned Mercedes s350’s talk to a certified dealer or used car parts seller for the parts that they need. Unfortunately there will always be those who want to take advantage of the unwitting owner, so it may be necessary for the Mercedes s350 purchaser to check into the types of parts and accessories that will be included in any repairs for their car. Mercedes Benz used parts for the Mercedes s350 are a better fit and give the owner a sense of ease about the continued supreme performance of their automobile.