Of the many models of luxury cars offered, few have the same kind of power as the Mercedes s430. This particular model offers the luxury, safety, and comfort that you have come to expect from this brand along with an unexpected but welcomed side of power. A car like this is a great purchase, but many people are unable to afford it during these hard economic times. While the experts may say the recession is over, there is no doubt that money is still tight and jobs are scarce. Because of that it is better to purchase an older model vehicle than a newer one.

Older vehicles are great because they are less money to purchase, and they are easy to maintain if you know what to do. People often misjudge older models because they think there is more money spent in the maintenance each year than with a newer model. There is some truth to that, however, older cars can also be less expensive to repair because you do not have to buy new parts. Let’s say there is a problem with the motor of two models of the s430, a new one and an older one. The majority of the charges on the new one will be covered under warranties, but you still will have to pay for labor and other things. Not to mention engine problems with new cars can mean continuous problems down the road. For the older model you will not be able to rely on a warranty to cover some of the costs; however you are able to use used parts for Mercedes vehicles to replace broken parts. The used parts can be found online or at a junk yard for a fraction of the cost of any new parts. Also, Mercedes used parts are as durable and good as new ones and are in no way inferior.

If you know how to find used parts for your car you can save a lot of money, not only on the purchase of a vehicle, but also on the maintenance of it. Making your car last years and years can save you thousands of dollars.