Anyone who sees a Mercedes sl500 tooling down the road knows that they have witnessed the ultimate in driving style. This two seat roadster has been at the forefront of the Mercedes fleet of cars since 1954 when they first began rolling out of the factory. It is the secret desire of car lovers everywhere, and the Mercedes sl500 can easily make any dream come true.

The features that this beauty comes with have not changed over the past decade much, but the Mercedes sl500 was updated for the 2008 model year. Mainly this update comprised more safety features and an engine selection that increased horsepower by an average 26% across the sl-class model types. Specifically, the Mercedes sl500 is powered by a 5.0 L V8 which is rated at 306 hp. This engine supplies this sleek little machine with the power required to impress even the most jaded sports car enthusiast. This model can come as a convertible with an aluminum hard top which is able to extend and retract in just 16 seconds, and a seven speed automatic that is driver adaptive. This means that the transmission of the Mercedes sl500 reacts the way an individual drives. An amazing piece of technology that, while not exclusive to the Mercedes sl500, does make it more responsive and easier to drive.

The interior of the Mercedes sl500 is much more comfortable with the new redesign because Mercedes engineers have given the driver more legroom and headroom. Every function of the sl500 roadster is accompanied by an assist that allows the driver to comfortably operate the machine, while also making sure that operations are conducted at maximum efficiency for the car.

Since the sl-class Mercedes has been in production for such a long time, there are plenty of examples that have made into parts cars and allow the owner to have a less expensive option when parts are required. It is no secret that supplying the Mercedes sl500 with new, dealer-installed parts can be an expensive proposition. However, the manufacturer and the dealer recommend that only quality Mercedes parts be used, and that only qualified mechanics install them. To allow a beautiful Mercedes sl500 to enjoy a long life, the best accessories are required. Mercedes used parts can be found at our salvage yard.