Buying a new car can be very expensive. You have to worry about the down payment, the financing, insurance and much more. It can take years to pay off that debt and once you have paid it off you may not want to go right back into debt by purchasing a new car. If you purchased the Mercedes SLK years ago and have paid it off, you may be more interested in keeping it on the road and running smoothly, rather than replacing it with a newer model. Mercedes SLK was built for speed, fun and comfort, but can also be durable if you know how to take care of it. This car is great because it has a strong engine, great handling, and can transform into a convertible without having to get out of your seat. Many of the older models of the SLK have features that are still available on the newer models which makes this car attractive even if it is a few years old. The point of keeping a car once it is paid off is so that you do not have to buy a new one and get back into debt.

If you are trying to keep your Mercedes SLK running without spending a small fortune, you may want to look into Mercedes used parts. The great thing about salvage parts is that they cost a fraction of the price that new parts do. Mercedes used parts are also easy to find at any junkyard or now at several stores online. If salvage parts cost $50 for something that usually costs $1,000 when you buy it new and last nearly as long, why spend all that money? Automotive used parts are very inexpensive for the SLK Mercedes Benz. Over the years warranties on parts will expire and parts will wear down or even break. So if you are able to replace those parts with automotive used parts you can keep your car on the road while significantly dropping the maintenance price each year. The Mercedes SLK is a great car and if you take care of it, it can remain a great car for years and years.