The evolution of the sports car genre began with sports coupes, such as the Mercedes SLR, that have dominated speed, styling and innovation for over 60 years. The SLR was a popular car because the wow factor was predominant. Mercedes decided that they needed to bring back a model that had not only been a very successful seller in the 1950’s, but with gull-wing doors and immense power had set the mark for many other manufacturers. The Mercedes-Benz SLR needs no introduction, but readers may want to refamiliarize themselves with some of the more impressive aspects of the vehicle.

The Mercedes SLR has distinctive outer styling that resembles such legendary automobiles as the Bat-mobile and the “Speed Racer” Mark V. It has the same missile-like hood, a small wind screen and a cockpit that seems miles behind the impressive engine compartment. As with any upscale sports coupe such as the Mercedes SLR, it is imperative that the owner look into the best method of maintaining its integrity. Mercedes used parts can provide the right wheels and panels to help the SLR maintain its look.

The highlight of the Mercedes SLR, other than its outer styling, is the way it reacts to the road. Speed can be seen in its lines, but speed is also evident when the accelerator is depressed. A 5.4 L supercharged V8 is hidden under the hood. It can easily be enhanced with used parts for Mercedes that are specifically manufactured by Mercedes-Benz. On road tests, the Mercedes SLR was also able to pull 1.17 g’s during cornering. This ability to stick to the road enhances its ability to sustain and even increase speed through corners. The Mercedes-Benz SLR remains reliable in all weather also because of a superior braking system that will come to a quick stop despite road conditions.

Maintaining a Mercedes SLR is simple because automotive used parts abound for them. Although the original vehicle was expensive, the Mercedes-Benz used parts, which carry the same engineering excellence as new, have made it more affordable to service this instant classic. From front body panels to brakes, automobile used parts must be available that can keep a car safe and running smoothly. The Mercedes SLR is able to remain its reputation because such parts are easy to find and install.