It seems the rich are destined to just get richer.

Volkswagen is in a struggle with Toyota to see which giant automaker stands atop the sales list for 2014, and so far the battle is neck-and-neck.

Volkswagen just recorded their five-millionth sale of passenger cars for the period from January to October, and that is a sales first. That is an increase of 2.6 percent in the passenger car classification, despite what some call a volatile market.  At this pace, VW is almost certain to crack the six million car mark by the end of the year.

VW delivered 1.4 million vehicles to the European market during the January to October sales period, and of that total, 719,000 were sold in Western Europe.  The home market of Germany also saw a substantial increase in sales.  Deliveries in Central and Eastern Europe continued to decline due to unstable economic and political situations.

During this period, VW delivered 482,000 vehicles to North America.  Deliveries in South America declined as well, with the majority of sales occurring in Brazil.  There was also a 12.4 percent increase in VW sales in the Asia-Pacific region, totaling 2.4 million vehicles.  China was the largest single market in that region, totaling 2.02 million vehicles sold.

What does it all mean?  It means that consumers are still turning to VW for quality and craftsmanship.  It means that the United States automakers have their work cut out for them, because Toyota and VW have a stranglehold on the market, as customers continually turn to traditional excellence when they need a passenger car.  No further proof is needed than the fact that VW has three of the all-time ten best-selling vehicles in the history of automobiles, including the Beetle,and Toyota has the best-selling car of all-time in the Corolla.  Ford may have the numbers when we’re talking about pickup trucks, but so far nobody can approach Toyota and VW in passenger cars.

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