Some people think that the bigger the car, the better it’s put together, and the longer it’ll last. As a result, smaller cars are sometimes overlooked, or considered unreliable vehicles that will end up in a junk yard sooner rather than later. The Nubira is an example of a car that might be small in size, but is big in reliability.


Manufactured by Daewoo, the Nubira’s design is generally that of a front-drive sedan, or of a wagon, both with four doors. It’s somewhat in between what is considered a subcompact car and a midsize car. Regardless of the design, this vehicle can seat five people. Although the trunk is spacious, the 60/40 backseat can also be folded down if more space is needed.


Nubira features vary with price level. Some people might think that the lower the price level, the faster the vehicle will be found in a salvage yard. However, price levels actually mean the difference between luxury features and basic, but still reliable, features.  For example, power mirrors, locks, and windows are features that are standard in the higher price level of a Nubira, but are optional for the lower price level. The same is true of a theft alarm, air conditioning, and remote keyless entry.  Exclusive to the higher price level is optional leather seating.


Exterior features of the Nubira combine functionality, particularly for weather conditions in which driving can be difficult, and style. Body side molding, splash guards, intermittent windshield wipers in two speeds, tinted glass, an integrated roof rack, and a rear window washer and wiper are just a few of the options. This vehicle can also include multifaceted reflector halogen headlights.


The Nubira typically has a four-cylinder engine. A four-speed automatic transmission is optional, with a five-speed manual transmission being standard. Antilock brakes are generally only available in the higher price levels. The driver can adjust his or her seat according to height. In the back seat of the Nubira, the headrests are adjustable, and there are child safety locks on the doors.


While how a car looks, and the features that a car might have, are important, they aren’t as important as how a car performs. A car could be rebuilt with used car parts, and still be more reliable than a new car with low-quality parts. As for the Nubira, this is a car that is built the first time to reliably last for a long time.