The Honda Civic, star of “The Fast and the Furious” movies, is a line of subcompact automobiles manufactured by Honda that later grew into compact cars. The Civic is the second-longest constantly running nameplate in North American. The Corolla, initiated in 1968 by Toyota, is the only car to be in production longer.

While many automobiles have lost their appeal or their manufacturer simply stopped producing them, the Honda Civic has grown in popularity. When it hit the highways, the Civic was a basic, fundamental vehicle that featured high gas mileage at an economical price. Honda upgraded its interior and its performance as the Civic’s reputation grew. In recent years, the Civic has grown to the popularity the Accord achieved during the 1970s. Although the Civic may not be an actual sports car, it has attained wide allure among sporty import automobile enthusiasts.

With Honda’s rise in reputation, gear-heads are buying used Civics and Honda used parts by the carload these days. Many car buffs are modifying new and pre-owned Civics with engines that are more powerful and overhauling the braking and suspension systems with used car parts and import auto parts.

Until recently, it was rather tough to find car parts and car accessories for import cars. These days, purchasing foreign auto parts for a Honda Civic is not only possible; it’s the best way to repair your car without draining your bank account.

Don’t expect to walk into any store where there are car parts for sale and find every used auto part you need. The best and most economical way to find a specific car part is to search for auto parts online. There are sites that concentrate on salvage parts, rebuilt auto parts, used auto parts, replacement car parts, cheap auto parts and junkyard auto parts.

When ordering online, make sure you order genuine Honda used parts that fit and are compatible with your specific Civic model and year.