While the Honda CR-V may be classified as a sports utility vehicle, it does stay within the reason of its size. It is much different from its larger relatives and it respects that fact. Many small sports utility vehicles try to get attraction by cramming a third seat into the back. It allows them to claim they can hold eight people and hopefully none of them are claustrophobic. The CR-V only holds five people as it should, and it comfortably holds them. This small sports utility vehicle has excellent ratings for safety and fuel economy and is perfect for a small family or for someone who likes something bigger than a car, but not too big to be economical.

Another thing great about this vehicle is how affordable it is to maintain. Over the years a car will have a lot of wear and tear on it and will become burdensome and expensive for someone to keep on the road. The CR-V is great because many of the parts that will receive some damage or wear down can be replaced with Honda used parts. By replacing them with automobile used parts you will be able to save a lot of money. New parts can be very pricey and cost more to have installed. Honda used parts are cheap but still very reliable and nearly new. Even if you are unable to install them yourself it will still be cheaper to higher someone to put in an automotive used part rather than a new one. If you are buying this car chances are you are doing so because you want to save money, have a reliable vehicle that doesn’t eat up gas, and will last you years and years. Well that fits well into the Honda CR-V along with a great track record in safety.