The Honda Del Sol, the fun, sporty Targa-topped two-seater convertible, was quite popular during the 1990s. The front-wheel driven automobile with its zippy little engine under the hood was the successor to the Honda CRX.

Del Sol, interpreted “of the sun” in Spanish, directs onlookers to its easy-opening roof. Although the Honda was not a full convertible, the Del Sol came equipped with a retractable rear window that provided the convertible feel along with the detachable hard top that fit in its relatively spacious trunk.

Sports car lovers enjoyed the inexpensive Del Sol’s excellent handling and amazing gas mileage. Del Sol owners reported 40 mpg on the highway when traveling at speeds up to 90 mph, while high 20-mpg was common for high-traffic, in-town trips. The peppy 130-horsepower Vortec engine provided plenty of power for the 1900-pound car, although a 160-horse, top-end power plant was available.

The Del Sol, which was similar to the Mazda Miata, was extremely comfortable as well, with plenty of legroom for taller-than-six-foot drivers and passengers. Although some owners said they felt relaxed in the bucket seats, they felt like they were sitting on the ground, which gave them a sportier feeling.

The Del Sol’s popularity has import car fanatics searching high and low for Honda used parts and pre-owned models. Del Sols are fun and easy to modify, which makes suppliers that stock Del Sol parts and car parts for sale all the more valuable.

For a long time, it wasn’t nearly as easy to find car accessories and car parts for foreign cars. Now, import auto parts for a Honda Del Sol are much easy to find thanks to companies that sell auto parts online. You just have to make sure you order authentic Honda used parts that match the exact year and model of your Honda Del Sol when purchasing used auto parts and replacement car parts online.