Every year more and more cars are produced like the Honda Insight that will help you save money at the gas station. For people who like to think about the environment this is a great advantage. For those who do care about the environment but like to think about another type of green like money, this is still a great car to buy. First off its gas mileage rivals those of other hybrid and gas conservative vehicles. Secondly, the Insight is also much more affordable than most of the hybrids on the market, savings of thousands of dollars in fact. So as you are rounding out your reasons for buying this car there are plenty to choose from and they all sound pretty good.

One thing we can all agree on is that saving money is a great thing, and for those who think green, recycling can be very helpful. Well in the automotive used parts world that means you don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for new parts. Honda used parts are just as good as new ones and cost much less. Automobile used parts are great because they are available in bulk like a new one, but cost much less, even if you have to pay to have them installed. Paying a mechanic to add or fix something on your Insight with a new part that they have to order and charge you for can become very expensive. Providing them with a Honda used part will be a lot cheaper because they can only charge you for the labor itself and nothing else. So whether you are green for the environment or green for money, it pays to use automobile used parts on your car rather than paying full price for a new one that is relatively just the same. The great thing about the Honda Insight is that it seems to always save you money.