When you simply compare it to other sports cars, the Honda S2000 is competitive in speed, handling, safety features and much more. However, when you compare it to other sports cars, there are few that can compete with its gas mileage, durability, and actual price. This little sports car would have all the features of some of its more expensive relatives but would cost thousands of dollars less, making it much more attractive to an interested buyer. Years later it still offers a great value, is easy at the gas pump, and drives great, especially if you know how to keep it running smooth.

The warranties may be off on your older model, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg if something breaks or begins to wear down. The great thing about this car is that many of its parts can be replaced with Honda parts. Paying an expensive price for something new does not make much sense when there are automobile used parts that are far less expensive and almost as good as new. Automobile used parts are great because they can save you hundreds of dollars, and even if you do not have the ability to install them yourself, it is cheaper to higher someone. If you hire a mechanic to find and put on a new bumper for your S2000, chances are they will pay retail price and then bump the price up to make a profit, along with the labor costs it can become expensive. But by getting Honda used parts for your S2000, you will be saving a lot of money only having to pay for labor costs. The Honda S2000 can last you years and give you the ride of your life if you take care of it, and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg.