Are you in the market for some Honda used parts? Well you certainly came to the right place.  All Import has been gathering up quality used auto parts for years, and our new arrivals keep coming to our yard, and whatever it is that you need for your Honda we promise we can find it. If we don’t have it among the million recycled parts in our yard we will go online and find it.  And that is a promise we intend to keep.

What do you need?  With summer coming on maybe you need a new set of off-road tires for that Honda SUV of yours.

No problem!

Again, with summer coming on, maybe you need a new Honda stereo to listen to tunes while cruising the highways.

No problem!

Maybe you are going to do some maintenance on your Honda and you need some new, used Honda brakes.

No problem!

Maybe while working on those brakes you discover you need a new, used clutch for that Honda transmission.

No problem!

Honda wheels? Check!  Honda radiators? Check!  Honda batteries and Honda engines?  Check!  Hey, with the hot weather approaching, maybe you need a used Honda air-conditioning unit.

Again, no problem!

Are you starting to get the picture?

Hey, graduation time is rapidly approaching.  Have you thought of picking up a used Honda car or truck for that graduate in your family?  A used car makes a perfect gift for that student who has worked so hard these past four years.  And what better place to pick up some used parts for that graduation gift than All Import Auto Parts?  Teach that graduate a little something about frugal car repair, and the beauty of doing the work yourself, saving money, feeling the satisfaction of knowing you didn’t pay $75 per hour for a mechanic to do the work….and knowing that you saved money on the used parts and didn’t pay through the nose for new aftermarket parts.  Teach your graduate about how when you buy recycled auto parts you are helping the environment and that makes you a socially responsible citizen.

Whatever the reason, drive by All Import Auto Parts this weekend and see what we can do for you.  No matter the make and model of your Honda, you can count on the pros at All Import Auto Parts to have what you need when you need it.  We guarantee it!