June was good to Hyundai Motor Company, as the Korean automaker showed a 1.2 percent increase over June of 2013.

For the month of June, 412,648 cars were sold, with domestic sales increasing 7.9 percent, and overseas shipments moving up 0.2 percent.  The top selling car in the Hyundai lineup was the newly introduced Sonata sedan.

For year to date sales, Hyundai has increased 4.4 percent January through June, with the Sonata also the number one selling Hyundai in Korea, with the Genesis coming in at number two.

Meanwhile Kia, the sister company of Hyundai, showed an increase in June of 3.5 percent, selling 245,234 cars.  The domestic market for Kia increased 5.8 percent, while overseas numbers showed a 5.2 percent increase.  Kia suggests that the increase in sales is due to improved brand awareness that has helped them to see increases overseas.  The three leading cars for June for Kia were the Forte, the Sportage R, and the Optima midsize sedan.

Year to date sales for Kia show a 7 percent increase from January through June.  Kia is optimistic about the future, pointing out that the Soul EV and a re-designed Sorento crossover are expected for release soon.

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