The 2012 Lexus ES 350 is everything you would want if what you want is luxury in an entry-level luxury sedan.  That is a carefully crafted statement so you would be advised to read it again.

The ES350 is heavy on luxury; the flip-side of that is that there are some things lacking when it comes to performance.  Powered by a V6 engine that produces 268 horsepower with 3.5-liters, the power is sufficient for an entry-level sedan.  Going from 0-60 in seven seconds flat is about average for this class of car and the fuel economy also average at 19/28 with a combined 22 mpg.

The brake test at 60 miles per hour was also at an industry standard.  In other words, this is an average performing car.  Now let’s talk about that luxury component.

The insulation of the engine is superb, blocking out noise and vibration, giving it a nice. Luxury feel to it.  17-inch alloy wheels provide a very smooth ride and the interior is luxury all the way, as you would expect from a Lexus.  The air-conditioning is first-rate, the leather upholstery is comfortable and the surround-sound stereo system is the stuff of dreams.

One thing to be aware of:  once you start adding on options this car becomes rather pricey.  The sunroof is costly as is the optional navigation system.

Also standard are a six-speed automatic transmission for this front-wheel car and it is smooth in transition and quite responsive in shifting.  If you are looking for performance then the chief competition will come from the Buick LaCrosse and the Hyundai Gensis.  The Acura TL and Volvo S60 are viable options if you are looking for a sportier sedan.  But in terms of luxury nothing beats the Lexus ES350.

Since this car has been around awhile it is not hard to find replacement parts at your local Fort Worth salvage yard.  Let’s face it, replacement parts are expensive for a Lexus ES350, so why pay more if you don’t have to?  Lexus parts are reliable and it makes no difference whether you buy them as new aftermarket parts or used, so going the less-expensive route just makes good sense.

Bottom line with the Lexus ES350:  this is a lovely car to drive; it may have some performance deficiencies but they are minor compared to the feeling of luxury that you get when you drive this great sedan.  Trust in the name Lexus to deliver luxury each and every time you turn the key.