If you have time over the holidays you might want to go see the new Tom Cruise movie “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol” playing at most theaters now. What you will notice immediately is that in the movie Cruise does not drive a single Japanese import car. That may not seem terribly important to you but to those of us in the automotive industry it is fairly interesting.

Gazing out at our salvage yard today we can also report that Tom Cruise is not shopping for any Lexus used parts and for that we are terribly disappointed. We at All Import Auto Parts had hopes that Mr. Cruise might stop by our Fort Worth salvage yard to pick up some recycled auto parts now that filming is done and he has some spare time on his hands. But no such luck!

If he had shopped at All Import Auto Parts, however, he would have noticed the same thing that thousands of our faithful customers already know: that for Lexus used parts there isn’t a better place to shop than at All Import Auto Parts. And why is that you ask? Simply because we specialize in import auto parts and that simply means that no matter what the year, make or model of your import chances are excellent that we will have the salvage parts you need.

Chances are also excellent that when you find that used auto part that you seek that it will be priced considerably lower than at an auto parts store or dealership, meaning savings for you of up to 60%; in other words, savings of hundreds of dollars await you at our junk yard.

Since it is now 2012 we thought we would re-visit a couple things to make your life easier. First, in order to stay on top of all the new arrivals on our salvage yard, you might want to sign on to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/allimport. That way you will know almost immediately when new deals and new arrivals happen. If you are a Twitter type of person you can receive the same information at our Twitter page at http://twitter.com/#!/allimport. And if that isn’t enough you can receive live feeds directly to your email address by signing up for our live RSS feeds. Seriously, folks, shopping for used auto parts has never been easier than it is now at All Import Auto Parts.

Come on down and see what we can do for you and while you are here keep a look out for Tom Cruise; you just never know when one of those Hollywood types will show up to save some serious money.