Are you feeling like your life is a little predictable lately? Are you looking for a little zest and spice to add to your life? Do you have a spare $375,000 to pay for that spice? If so you might want to take a look at the new flagship for the Lexus line, the LFA, available in 2012.

Do you think a V10 4.8-liter engine that can give you 552 horsepower will add that much-needed spice to your life? How about 0-60 in 3.6 seconds and a redline of 9,000 rpms? Will that do it for you? This new car by Lexus was designed for no other reason than to go fast and corner on a dime and Lexus has achieved it all with this incredible Japanese import. Bring on the Aston Martins and the Ferrari 599 and the Lamborghinis of the world because all of those now have competition, albeit a very expensive competition.

The chassis and body structure and quite a few other parts have been constructed of carbon fiber, making it very rigid and very light-weight. The engine, that monster that powers this monster, is located right behind the front axle making it for all intent and purpose a mid-engine design, and as such this car will turn instantly because of its almost perfectly equal weight distribution. Very few cars on the road can change direction as effortlessly and at such speeds as the LFA, and toss in standard carbon-ceramic brakes and you have a vehicle that not only can blow your socks off with acceleration and handling but also its ability to stop on demand.

This is much more like driving an amusement park thrill-machine than a car. Having said all that it is hard to conceive that there are many people roaming about who can afford a car that has such a price tag.

From the standpoint of All Import Auto Parts the chances of us ever seeing one of these on our Fort Worth salvage yard lot are slim and none, but because we like to keep you informed of the latest in technology we thought we would tell you about this thing of beauty. Now, if the LFA isn’t your thing but you do have another Lexus model, then by all means stop by our “junk yard” because chances are excellent we have the used auto part that you want; and if you don’t want a used auto part we have a pretty good selection of aftermarket parts for imports and domestics as well.

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