So you say you want luxury and comfort but can’t afford a full-size luxury sedan?  Well, Lexus has you covered and then some with the GS 350.  The new 2011 GS 350 comes in at just under $47,000 but if you can afford it this is one heck of a car.

Powered by a 3.5-liter V6 engine, this car is as quick as any mid-size luxury sedan on the market.  A six-speed automatic transmission is standard but you do have the option of a rear-wheel drive or an all-wheel drive if you should desire.  Whichever you choose you are choosing one of the finest cars in its class.

Reviews of Lexus vehicles have been written ad nauseum but the only consistent negative you will ever find is that these Japanese imports do not have the sporty feel of their European competitors.  Okay, fair enough, they are not built to handle the Swiss Alps with flair.  What they are built for, though, is to deliver style, comfort, and prestige on a consistent basis no matter which year or model you drive.  The GS350 was introduced in 2007 and it has consistently performed admirably and with distinction.  And lest we forget, the Lexus reputation for technology never disappoints.

A brief list of the technological advancements would include keyless ignition/entry, dual-zone climate control, xenon headlamps, 10-speaker sound system, and Bluetooth and memory settings for the driver and front passenger.  The sunroof and leather interior all add to the feelings of being someone special when you sit in this car and the Lexus promise of a quiet ride never fails to disappoint.  Somehow the engineers at Lexus have made it possible to travel in their vehicles at 70 mph and never hear a sound while doing so.

This model actually debuted in 2006 as the GS 300 but the addition of a larger engine in 2007 prompted the name change.  Whatever you call it, remember to also call it special.  Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, bring on all competitors because the new kid on the block has some serious game.  Is this car for anyone looking for a mid-size luxury sedan? Certainly not!  There are those who are simply enamored with the German or British heritage thing, preferring to drive something with a recognizable hood ornament to impress whomever.  It has always been that way and so it shall always be.  But if serenity is your thing, if owning a vehicle that was crafted with loving care is your desire, then look no further because the Lexus GS 350, or for that matter any of the Lexus line, will deliver each and every time.