Here is a riddle for you: what looks like a Lexus, smells like a Lexus, drives like a Lexus, but costs below $30,000? Give up? It’s the Lexus CT 200h Hatchback, new in 2011 and a hybrid by nature and comportment.

Picture in your mind the classic hybrid look of recent years: can you think of anything distinctive about the way any of them look? Now take a look at the Lexus CT 200h and tell us what you see:   chances are you will be surprised because the CT 200h has a distinctly lower and aerodynamic look to it, and that look has an attitude about it, like a hybrid might be on steroids.

This might well be the best-looking hatchback on the market, hybrid or otherwise, as it has a definite sporty feel to it. The interior quite frankly is lush and driver-friendly with well-placed controls and excellent ergonomics. And did we mention that this model has the best fuel economy in its class? Powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors that combined account for 134 horsepower, the CT 200h seems to have more power than it actually does. One reason is its weight, dropped down to a mere 3,130 pounds. Another reason is the two different modes you can select while driving. The “Sport” mode is the aggressive mode and it is distinctly noticeable when you switch to it; then switch back to the “Eco” mode and get ready for some honking from behind.

And did we mention that this baby gets the best fuel economy in its class? Try these numbers on for size: 43 mpg in the city….42 mpg on the highway…average 42 mpg which is 8 mpg better than anything else on the road today.

This is a fun car to drive; it is a little low but that just adds to the sporty feeling to it. It is reasonably comfortable but a little rough in the ride on bumpy roads. It is easy to handle and has a sporty feel to its responsiveness, provided you are in “Sport” mode of course.

All in all this is a nice alternative in the hybrid market of competitors, and considering you are getting a Lexus with all the prestige that accompanies that name, for under $30,000 there really is very little to complain about with the CT 200h.

Needless to say we won’t be seeing many of these in our Fort Worth salvage yard in the near future, but if you own one and you happen to see one show up on our Facebook page at then by all means grab up as many of these replacement auto parts as you can afford. Let’s face it, aftermarket parts for a new Lexus are expensive so any chance you get to buy reliable used auto parts you should do it. And where better to buy recycled auto parts than All Import Auto Parts?