Track record means everything in the automotive business when new models are introduced and consumers know that when Lexus has a new model there is no doubt concerning its bloodlines.  Lexus seldom makes a mistake with new models and in 1998 they introduced one of the first luxury midsize SUV’s and they did not disappoint.

What you come to expect from a Lexus vehicle is quality, and so it was with the RX 300 and later improved models, the RX 330 in 2003 and the RX 350 in 2009.  Such is the competency of a Lexus that you could take a blind test drive in an array of different vehicles and chances are you would know when you were driving in a Lexus. 

The RX300 became the leading Lexus vehicle in sales during its time on the market and the reasons are many.  The folks at Lexus seem to have a second sense about what customers like and desire and so it was with the RX 300.  High seating position, low step-up entering, more than adequate cargo space, and an overall feeling of being safe and well-cared for were all obvious when driving the Lexus RX 300.

Sporting a 3.0 Liter V6 engine with 220 horsepower with a four-speed automatic transmission, this beauty provided one of the most peaceful and competent rides of any SUV on the market at that time, and the used RX 300 remains a good bet because of the Lexus promise of exceptional craftsmanship.  It may have lost some of its value over the years but it certainly did not lose its reliability factor.

The luxury features in the interior are what you would expect from this automaker, gear changes are smooth and trouble-free, and the fuel economy much better than most competitors at 17mpg.  You would be hard-pressed to find a negative review of this model and the reason, of course, is that Lexus simply knows what they are doing.  The company is founded on a belief that customer comfort is of utmost importance and comfort is what you get with this Lexus model.  There is no personality crisis with the RX300; it does not try to be a truck, does not want to be a car.  What it wants to be it is, namely an extremely safe, comfortable, reliable leader in the SUV field.

Take the kids to school in the RX 300, or take the kids on a cross-country trip.  Wherever you take them you will know they are safe and enjoying the ride in this Japanese import car built for effortless transportation.  Bloodlines are, indeed, very important in the automotive industry.  Lexus does not disappoint.