There are several hatchbacks that have come into the market over the past decade; however few have caught the attention of consumers like the Nissan cube. This little hatchback has received amazing reviews in several areas including; gas mileage, handling, safety, comfort and much more. You will also get a great value when you purchase this car, and it makes a fantastic gift for your teenager as they turn sixteen or begin college. Buying a youngster a car can be very expensive, insurance rates are already high for them and financing a new car means they will just go up and up. To save a lot of money you can purchase an older model of the cube Nissan. You may be worried about the wear and tear an older model has on it but that is nothing to fear.

Even if a car or hatchback in this case, has years of wear and tear, it doesn’t mean that the car is set to fall apart any time soon. In fact, learning how to maintain and fix an older car can be a great lesson and life experience for a teenager and one that will benefit them as they get older. Learning to change a tire and check the oil are one thing, but if parts do start to break or wear down, they need to know the best and most affordable way to replace them. Now if there is something wrong with the engin only a serious and experienced mechanic should take a look at it. However, if it is something basic like handles, mirrors, running boards, or something else, you can replace the broken parts with salvage parts that can be found online. Finding parts online is easy, fast, and very cheap to do and it can save you hundreds of dollars a year depending on what you need replaced. So often people make the mistake of letting their mechanic fix their car no matter what the problem is and it is a waste of hundreds of dollars. Nissan used parts can be found online and are just as good as new ones, but cost a fraction of the price.