For car enthusiasts and ordinary people out there who were pretty much bummed with the Toyota Celica’s delayed released until 2013, then cheer up and take a peek at the new Scion TC coupe. This very affordable model is economical and features a durable and well built design that is meant to last for years. The Scion 2011 TC still features the same bobtailed hatchback front drive and five seat coupe like its predecessors, but is now loaded with awesome standard goodies like the sunroof and 18 inch wheels. The 2011 model also looks more muscular especially along the hindquarters. Among the best loved TC accessories adopted in this model Scion model include a six speed automatic, a glass rattling stereo option, and a redesigned instrument panel.

  • Exterior style. The model is a daring departure from the curvy and original Scion cars. It highlights a controversial design- the Germanic Hofmeister Kink. This stylish addition gives the car a more manly and ‘macho’ look, which surprisingly was approved even by the female audiences.
  • Auto Build Quality & Interior Design. This new model features a roomy interior that offers many shoulder rooms and also ample spaces for the rear legroom. Its panoramic sunroof also gives the car a more airy and open feel for its passengers. Its interior storage capacities also proved to be quite impressive. The rear seat can be folded to 60/40 offering around 34 cubic feet room for cargo. Its thick and squared off C pillar may hinder shoulder visibility but this is the price you have to pay for its good looks. Its six speed manual is topped by a lavish metal shift knob that is cool and flawless to touch. The company seems to be very shrews about making sure that all Scion parts such as the steering wheel, shift knobs and turn signals had this vital ‘feel good factor’ that many people are looking for in automobiles these days.
  • Features, pricing and economy. Considering all the features and nice Scion accessories that come with this 2011 model, the Scion TC is can be considered as an ‘absolute bargain’. Scion 2011 models come with cruise control, tilt steering wheel, power locks & mirrors, a Pioneer audio system with eight speakers, USB port/iPod connectivity and so much more.

It is pretty obvious why Scions has been very successful with the TC because of its brilliantly conceived package. It looks hip, fun & convenient to drive and an economical choice these days. Overall, the TC 2011 is an interesting mix that appeals to many young buyers with its sporty look and awesome driving features.