The Scion tC – the tC standing for touring coupe – was launched in 2004 as a concept car established on the Toyota Avensis foundation. Very few cars in the less-than-$20,000 range assure as much enjoyment and chic as the Scion tC

While the small, sporty sedan has a laundry list of standard equipment, its low price is quite a bit less than its competition. Additionally, with Scion’s undertaking to appeal to younger owners, the tC can be customized substantially with additional options. Stock or modified, the Scion tC is an admirable selection for an reasonably priced sports coupe.

The Scion tC is a three- or five-seat hatchback compact coupe powered by a strong four-cylinder, 2.4-liter engine that produces 161 horsepower and 162 foot-pounds of torque. The basic tC comes with a five-speed manual transmission, while a four-speed automatic is optional. 

In 2006, the zippy Scion tC replaced the Toyota Celica in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race held during the Long Beach Grand Prix. 

The affordable, sporty and sleek Scion tC remains distinct among compact automobiles for providing high-quality standard features along with a collection of appealing customization options that attract the younger demographic. 

The Scion tC has not changed a great deal over the years. There were several minor interior and exterior revisions in the 2008 model, including the introduction of an iPod interface. Scion has also added items to the tC’s optional features list as well as optional stereo systems in the last couple of years. 

Scion markets the tC as an sporty car that’s fun and easy to customize. Scion tC car accessories – including body kits, engine performance, electronics, suspension, turbochargers and superchargers and drive trains – are available from companies that sell foreign auto parts online. A reliable supplier like All-Import Auto Parts is an excellent choice for Scion parts. Its nationwide computer system can access more than 2,000,000 salvage cars parts as well as rebuilt auto parts at great prices.

Automotive experts consider the Scion tC a wise investment and, with its standard features and available modifications, driving one is an enjoyable experience.