Here is a quiz for you:  what would you say is the quintessential modern car for a suburban mom?  We said car, now, and not minivan.  What would you say it is?

If you said Subaru you would be right on.  Subaru, the perfect car for all weather, with great safety ratings, seemingly made for the stay-at-home mom who has three wild ones to take to soccer, ballet, and football.

Now another trivia question:  what would you say is the number one repair job most soccer moms face with their Subaru?

If you said body damage and repair you would be right on!  From dented doors in the grocery store parking lot, to soccer balls bouncing off of the roof, the body of a Subaru can take a beating.  Just think of all the body parts that need protecting during a normal week of driving.  There’s the hood, the bumper, the cowl screen and the decklid.  There’s the fender, the grille, the quarter panel and the roof rack.  Toss in a spoiler, the trunk, the valance and the door, and don’t forget to mention the windshield, the sunroof, the hinge and the side view mirrors.

It’s enough to make any Subaru driver cringe in fear as they head out to run errands in their Subaru Forester, Subaru Impreza, Subaru Legacy, Outback or Crosstrek.

And yes, Subaru body parts are expensive.  Go to a Subaru dealership and price a replacement door, and then immediately go to the local bar and have a tall one.  Hundreds of dollars for a new quarter panel, and then hundreds more to have a mechanic put that quarter panel on….or….

You could do it yourself and save hundreds!

Replacing Subaru body parts is not that difficult.  Most repair and replacement jobs can be done with only a ratchet set and a screwdriver, so why not save your hard-earned cash and do the work yourself?

And while you are saving money, why not buy your Subaru body parts at a local salvage yard like All Import Auto Parts?

Let’s take a quick math quiz:  Subaru trunk lid at the dealership…..$250….Subaru trunk lid at All Import Auto Parts….$99….which is cheaper and by how much?

The year is 2014 and times are tough in this economy of ours.  If you can save hundreds of dollars doing the car repair on your Nissan, and buying Nissan replacement parts at the salvage yard, then why in the world wouldn’t you do it?