Is there a car company that is not showing record sales growth in 2014?  It seems like no matter which company you want to discuss, and no matter which country you are in, the car sales have skyrocketed….and it is the same with Subaru in Canada.

Subaru Canada is downright giddy over the news that they have set a new June record and a six month record for the start of a year.  In fact, they have experienced six consecutive months of growth in June 2014.  Year to date sales are  up 17.8 percent, and June 2014 is up eight percent with 3,536 units sold.

The leaders in this sales resurgence are the Subaru Forester, with a 12.2 percent increase, and the XV Crosstrek, with a 35.5 percent increase.

Individual record-breakers for 2014 include:

$1·         The Forester, up 31.4 percent

$1·         The Legacy, up 27 percent

$1·         The Outback, up 12.3 percent

$1·         The WRX STI, up 46.7 percent

$1·         The XV Crosstrek, up 26 percent.

Sales increased across every region of Canada as well.  The Atlantic region was up 19.5 percent, Quebec up 12.0 percent, Ontario up 26.2 percent, and the western region showed  a 15.7 percent increase.

Shiro Ohta, president of Subaru Canada, said the sales records are due to the fact that they have a very balanced product offering as well as great awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and Automotive Lease Guide.

Subaru Canada is a subsidiary of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd of Japan, with over 85 dealerships across Canada.

The Canadian sales figures mirror the American Subaru sales figures, as all models of Subaru are showing dramatic increases in the United States. Subaru has always been known for its dependability and reliability.

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