If this review were about the 2012 Toyota Avalon, you might not consider it a car worth buying.  Let’s face it, full-sized sedans are a dime a dozen in this crowded field, and because there is so much competition, it takes a pretty good vehicle to make the top of the list.  The 2012 Avalon was not such a vehicle.  In fact, chief competition came from the Buick LaCrosse, the Chrysler 300, the Ford Taurus, and the Hyundai Genesis, and they were all less-expensive and offered the same thing that the Avalon offered.

To their credit, Toyota recognized that fact, so the 2013 Avalon has been completely overhauled, and the results are impressive.  Would you expect anything less than Toyota, which obviously has its sights set on being the world’s number one automaker?

One thing the Avalon did not have to improve was fuel efficiency; at 19/28, the Avalon has the best fuel efficiency in this class of vehicle.  Also, in a test of 0-60, the Avalon can do 6.8 seconds, also tops in the field.  You can thank the 3.5-liter V6 engine for that kind of performance, as well as the standard six-speed automatic transmission.

The Avalon was introduced in 2005 and had not seen any significant changes in seven years.  That comes to a halt in 2013.  Toyota has widened the front end of the Avalon and narrowed the rear end, giving it somewhat of a sleeker look.  The wheelbase is shorter than in past models, and the body is stiffer for improved riding and handling.

Despite the shorter wheelbase, the interior is slightly larger, giving better head and leg space, and the trunk is larger as well.  Toyota has improved the stereo system, as well as the navigation system and added cruise control and blind-spot monitoring.

Quite frankly, this is now the superior car In its class, and because it is a Toyota, you can count on it giving you many miles of wonderful ride and performance.

And because this is a Toyota, and because the Avalon has been around for seven years, you can count on finding any replacement parts you might need quickly and easily.  Any reputable salvage yard, like All Import Auto Parts, will have the recycled parts you need for your Avalon.  The old adage “why pay more” certainly applies when talking about a Toyota Avalon.  Why pay more when you can visit your local salvage yard and find what you need for pennies on the dollar?