If you have purchased the Toyota Celica in the past decade you know how amazing a car it is and why you do not need to replace it every few years. This car has stood the test of time for almost four decades and still offers reliability, speed, and great handling. The Toyota Celica has also become one of the more affordable vehicles on the market which is one of the main reasons people are very attracted to them. The 1998 Celica for example was one of the most reliable, durable cars produced that year and also came in as very affordable compared to its leading competitors. If you own an older model you also know that keeping it in shape can be a bit of a challenge. Car parts can be very expensive to replace, especially if you have to buy them new. If you go to a mechanic who also has to install the part, they have to order it, pay retail, and charge you for the shipping, handling, and make sure they get a profit on it as well. Even if you go to a store you are still not getting a huge discount on car parts and you end up spending so much money a years to keep your Celica running that it makes more sense to finally buy a new car.

There are cheaper and better ways to maintaining your car and keeping costs down each year. The best way is by purchasing Toyota used parts rather than new ones. The great thing about Toyota used parts are that they cost much less than new parts and they are easy to find at junk yards or online stores. Cheap auto parts are important in this economy as we try to save every penny we can. The average person spends over $3,000 in car maintenance and repairs each year on vehicles that are five years old or older. If they were able to find cheap auto parts like a Celica front bumper at a junk yard, they would save a lot of money. Toyota used parts for all their vehicles including the Toyota Celica can cost hundreds and even thousands less than new ones and last nearly as long.