Toyota Motor Corp recently announced the third straight record year.  Sounds great of course, but there is some good news and bad news related to the sales records.

The good news is the record earnings are partly due to increased sales in the United States and cost cuts that have been quite effective worldwide.  The bad news is that Toyota car sales are weaker in several previously strong markets.

Net profit for Toyota will jump 3.5 percent, or $18.75 billion in the year that began in April.  This forecast is contingent on the dollar remaining strong at 115 yen this coming year.  The company president, Akio Toyoda, says the “international pause” that Toyota instituted three years ago will come to an end in 2015, meaning changes are in store for the world’s number one automaker.

Toyota has plans to overhaul the way it designs and manufactures cars under a plan called the Toyota New Global Architecture.  They want to slash development and production costs and use those savings to make their cars more appealing.  Items like advanced safety devices would be features they are planning on adding.  A new production facility in Mexico is due to open in 2019, and that factory is being labeled “simple and slim” in conjunction with this new vision of the future.

Worldwide, sales dropped 0.8 percent, but sales increased greatly in North America.  Falling oil prices hurt sales in Russia, Asia and the Middle East.

Toyota has been the number one car manufacturer for the past three years, narrowly beating out Volkswagen and General Motors for the top sport.  With product like the Prius, Corolla and Camry, Toyota has continued to produce a product that greatly appeals to the average buyer.  Great craftsmanship, low price, great fuel economy…these are the things that buyers in the year 2015 look for, and Toyota has always delivered on them.

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