As the first and most popular car ever produced by this world renowned manufacturer, the Volkswagen Beetle has achieved fame for its style, size, and affordability. Different versions over the past couple decades have made this car a hot item again but older models are still sought after by many collectors and owners. One common problem the owners of the Beetle seem to have is that they can not find reasonably priced parts that will keep their cars running. The reason is because while this was such a popular car, it also was a car that wasn’t produced on such a high level, and in the case of the older models, few remain today. That’s why you need to know the best places to find the parts for this car or else you will have to pay steep prices.

The best places to shop for cheap parts are going to be salvage yards and online. Both places get their parts the same way. Cars that are not worth fixing or incapable of fixing are junked and their parts are sold. These parts are actually still in great condition but because they are used car parts they are sold for a much cheaper price than the new parts. Foreign car parts can be really expensive when you buy them new, especially for older cars and that’s why it is important that you know where to find salvage parts so that you can get the best deal on them. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by doing this, especially if your car needs a lot of work, and what many owners love is that they are getting parts that are meant for their type of car and were built in the same year, not some expensive knock off fresh off the assembly line. This is a great way to save a lot of money and you can find plenty of parts for various models no matter what year your car was built.