Today we thought we would highlight a little automotive news for you.  Yes, we are All Import Auto Parts and yes, we are the number one Fort Worth salvage yard dealing in salvage parts, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in the latest happenings in the car industry.  Come on, we are only human, and cars are our business.

And there is some serious news out of Honda to mention.  Honda is introducing a special 2013 Honda Accord limited edition HFP Coupe.  Only 500 of these bad boys will be made, and the add-on’s will cost close to $5000 extra, but it may be worth it for the discerning buyer who wants a little something extra in their Accord.

Hey, the Accord ain’t bad by itself, but add on a 3.5-liter V6 engine capable of 278 horsepower and 252 pound-feet of torque and you have a serious machine.  It will also have 19-inch wheels instead of the standard 17-inch wheels, and will have a rear deck spoiler.  The front fascia has been changed, as has the side sills and rear bumper.  The interior will feature red illumination throughout for a really cool look.  All in all, this is one cool car, and if you think you might want one, they are just starting to appear in select dealerships but remember, 500 and they are gone.

On another front, Toyota has decided to challenge the Lincoln Town Car with the 2013 Toyota Avalon.  Now that the Lincoln Town Car is no longer, competition is whittled down to the Cadillac XTS, with a new Chrysler livery vehicle due out soon.

The new Toyota Avalon Livery Edition will of course be black on black and will have heated seating and individually controlled seating.  Two models will be available….A V6 model and a hybrid.  The hybrid will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine and will be rated at 40 mpg.  There is no doubt that is better than the old Town Car which got 19 mpg.

The new livery Avalon can be ordered through dealerships in December, 2012, and can be had for about $33,000.

That’s about it in the world of cars today.  As always, if we at All Import Auto Parts can be of any assistance in finding a quality recycled part, please give us a call or stop by our Fort Worth auto salvage yard.   We are there seven days a week to help you with all of your auto needs.