We at All Import Auto Parts would like to draw your attention to a recent collaboration between the ARA, or Automotive Recyclers Association, and the NHTSA, or National Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTSA recently increased their efforts to warn customers about the sale and use of counterfeit airbags that have recently flooded the market from countries such as China.  In 2009 the NHTSA held a review of fatal car accidents and found that in 18% of the crashed vehicles the airbags were missing from the vehicles; in addition, an alarming number of counterfeit airbags had not deployed at the time of the crash.

The ARA issued a caution to the NHTSA to be clear in stating that recycled original equipment is entirely acceptable and safe, that these are the same products used by manufacturers of automobiles.

All Import Auto Parts applauds the ARA and NHTSA in these announcements.  As a leader in the Fort Worth recycling and salvage yard industry, we have always believed in the use of recycled auto parts as a viable way for consumers to meet the high cost of living in today’s world.  With the economy in its current state, consumers need an alternative to buying new aftermarket parts from dealerships and auto parts stores, and salvage yards that sell recycled parts are one such alternative.

That is why each and every one of our replacement parts carries our warranty, ensuring that they are safe and reliable.  We have built a reputation in our community as a seller of quality used parts, and our reputation is extremely important to us.

As an added means of insurance, in 2006 the ARA began a national standard called ARAPro, which means that every recycled airbag has been extracted, handled, and inspected before it is sold.  This industry standard requires that the Vehicle Identification Number matches other reference sources, making sure that it is the airbag that belongs in that particular automobile.

All of this means, simply, that when you buy a recycled part at All Import Auto Parts, you can rest assured that you are buying a part that meets industry standards.  You can rest assured that shortcuts have not been taken, and inferior counterfeit parts have not been substituted.

All Import Auto Parts, backed by industry standards of the ARA and the NHTSA, will continue to offer you only the best in recycled auto parts, whether they be airbags, transmissions, brakes or engines, and that promise you can take to the bank.