At All Import Auto Parts we would like to take a second to give a shout out to the military personnel in our area.  First of all, thank you for serving this great country and doing your duty with honor.

Secondly, here’s a thank you with a little more substance to it: all military personnel, any old day of the week, will get 10% everything up to $100.  It’s just our way of saying thanks and keep up the good job.

Maybe you need to do some work on your air conditioning unit.  Maybe you have some brakes that need repair or your clutch is sticking.  Whatever the problem, you can be sure we have your replacement parts at All Import Auto Parts, and with 10% off you won’t find a cheaper price anywhere.

Why are we so sure that we have the used part that you need?  Simply because we have over five million used parts for imports plus aftermarket parts for domestic and imports, so you would have to be driving something pretty exotic or downright odd for us not to have your replacement part at our junk yard.

This is an ongoing special for the military so don’t feel you have to skip work and get in trouble with your C.O.; just come down when you can, show us your military I.D., and get 10% off any purchase up to $100.

Let’s sweeten the deal a bit for those of you who need a new AC compressor.  Go to our Facebook page and hit “like” and you will receive a coupon for 25% off any in-stock compressor.  Are you doing the math?  10% off……25% off…..we are talking serious savings on a compressor during the month of August.

That’s about it for now, but if you want to stay in touch to find out about the next great promotion coming down the pike, and there will be another one soon, then sign up for Facebook, sign up for Twitter, and sign up for the live RSS feeds to your email.  That way when we know what the next deal is you will know immediately.

We really can’t make it any easier than that.  Thank you for serving this great country and we will see you soon at All Import Auto Parts.