Well guess what just happened? In case you were doing your Rip Van Winkle thing, we just moved from Winter into Spring.  How’s that for good news?

Not sure about you but we happen to think Spring is just about the greatest season in this part of Texas.  The weather is still pleasurable, the flowers are looking great and there is just a feeling of energy, like waking up from that long nap that Rip experienced.  Now, what to do with all that energy?

Well, you could make out a to-do list.  What would be on that list?  How about planning for that vacation you have been talking about over the Winter months?  If you do that you need to make sure you vehicle is running great and that means you need to start checking your car, truck or van to see how all of the parts are functioning.

How is the radiator?  Any leaks?  How about your brakes? Have you felt any sluggishness in them lately?  How is your transmission? Are the gears moving smoothly? 

Is the battery okay?  How about your ignition and fuel pump?  All of your lights are functioning, right?

After you get done with that chore how about cleaning out the garage and yard?  Do you have any old used car parts sitting around that you need to recycle?  You know, the old bumpers or radios or distributors that are collecting dust and need to be jettisoned from your property soon before the wife starts screaming at you?

What else?  How are the flowerbeds looking?  Is the garden ready to plant veggies?  And how about your home? You just know you need to knock down the cobwebs and do some serious dusting!  No better time than right now.

If, after you do your vehicle inspection, you discover you are in need of some replacement parts, then head on down to All Import Auto Parts and let us help you out.  Check out our vast inventory of recycled parts and save some big bucks on the part that you need.  That is, after all, why we are here, to save you money.  Come see us in Fort Worth or give us a call and we’ll take care of all your vehicle needs.

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